I changed my closet over today for a new season, since it is our third gorgeous day in a row. What a delight to rediscover a few summer dresses and pretty tops that I packed away last Fall! Going through my clothes was a good exercise, and I managed to weed out some shirts that I know I won’t miss. Decluttering is never easy for me, but it is satisfying once I do it. I am always surprised at just how much stuff I hold onto.

I am mulling over an idea for cutting back on my wardrobe, which I will share if I decide to do it :) I think it might be a good next step for me since the clothes I’m left with all fit, and it would be hard for me to decide what to get rid of if I were to thin the herd.

I know that some of you who read this blog have been enjoying Spring for many weeks now, but surely I am not the only one who endured snow in April! What marks the end of Winter for you?

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