I am 28 weeks pregnant today, and it seems that I have lost all of my puking skills from first trimester (particularly seeing it coming and not making a mess).

Generally I’ve been feeling good – a healthy appetite, no nausea for months – so I missed the key signs that my body was NOT happy with my breakfast today. I did finally clue in that I shouldn’t eat everything on my plate, that each bite I felt progressively grosser, and I kept sneezing (a really weird way that my body has coped with nausea while I’m pregnant). I took my dishes to the kitchen and felt a wave of nausea that I knew wouldn’t end in a sneeze.

I more or less destroyed my kitchen and then my bathroom. Once all the yuckiness had passed I cleaned up and hopped online to share (it helps, really). Now I think I will take a little nap. Thanks for your support :)

Used With Permission