cat kittenSunday greetings everyone!

You wouldn't think Rev. James Snyder's caring for a cat would cause trouble to hop into his wife's life, but it did!  You can read "Kitty On The Outside Or A Tree Frog On The Inside" at:

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~ Pastor Tim

chicken thursday 1115Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

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~ Pastor Tim

poppySunday greetings everyone!

Exactly 100 years ago today, World War One ended.

God help our world in the mess it is still in.

~ Pastor Tim

sky sun raysOh look, Chicken Thursday!

We're thanking and praising God and grateful to all the Cybersaltines who made it possible to support all three of our BOCC families this month! The last month or so has been a very difficult time for them as they tried to remain as hidden as possible. Not having to risk getting illegal work is a huge blessing for them.

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~ Pastor Tim

Sunday greetings everyone!

Thank you all who have helped the Body of Christ Connection recently. It allowed us to support one of the three families we try to support each month.

shopping centre

This week, Rev. James Snyder made a reluctant trip to the mall and ended up enjoying himself quite a bit. You can read "Why Did I Ever Grow Up?" at:

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~ Pastor Tim

bocc bird in cageOh look, Chicken Thursday!

You can still help a refugee and become a billionaire - and no, I am not preaching the blasphemous prosperity gospel!


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~ Pastor Tim

20 billion thumbSunday greetings everyone!

It looks like email delivery is returning to normal so hopefully you get this on Sunday (Left Coast of Canada time!)

More than ever, the families that Cybersalt supports through the Body of Christ Connection are depending on us for the financial support that helps them remain a bit safer in dangerous times. Cybersaltine Mark. R. (the brain behind the Be A Billionaire Fundraiser) had another great suggestion: create a way to let people give every month. If you are interested in that you can click on the following link (don't forget to say which worthless Zimbabwean bill you want!) It would certainly help stabilize support for our families.

And, of course, you can still make a one time donation and pick out a Z bill at:

Finally, with today's mailing we catch up with devotional musings by Rev. James Snyder. Here are two more links:
Home Has Never Been Sweeter


I'm Dreaming of a Commercial Free World

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~ Pastor Tim

mallOh look, Chicken Thursday!

Your mailing from Sunday may have arrived very late and this mailing may take a while to get to some of you too. The recent two week break from sending out mailings changed the receiving stats of some internet companies and their artificial intelligence saw the resumed increase as something to be wary of. Things should return to normal in a few mailings.

The recent break also resulted in a backlog of commentaries by Rev. James Snyder, as some of you pointed out. I am working on catching up on those. Today you can read about James' recent trip to the mall and the unexpected smell he left with!  You will find "Is it a fragrance or a stench?" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing! 

~ Pastor Tim


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