chicken thursday may 24Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

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~ Pastor Tim

Sunday greetings everyone!

There was no mailing last Chicken Thursday. Grandma Cybersalt and I finally took advantage of a getaway that our church generously gave us when I retired from pastoring local churches back in October of 2017. As you can see by this picture we were also able to make a day trip to Avatar Grove, part of the incredible ancient rain forest on Vancouver Island.

The picture is so tall I am putting ti below, instead of wrapping text around it, which will mess the formatting up.

This week, while watching politics on the news, Rev. James Snyder had a "Did I say that out loud?" moment that his wife turned in a wonderful way. You can read "Finding 'Good' In Our World Is Challenging" at:

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~ Pastor Tim

susan and tim at avatar grove

diane and linda on whats my lineHappy Mother's Day, MomSunday greetings everyone and happy Mother's Day to my mom. This year I am showing off a picture of my mom on the old CBS television show, "What's My Line?" from August 4, 1963. Mom (Diane) is on the left joined by her sister (Linda) and host John Charles Daly. What was their line? They were both amongst the first policewomen in Toronto, Canada. If you want to watch their whole segment you can do so at:

Rev. James Snyder's has a new article on the site today. After not paying attention to a "honey do" list, James ended up with a bit of a surprise appointment. You can read "And Then it was Friday" at:

Finally, here are the usual Mother's Day links I feature this time of the year:

Mother's Day Jokes

Funny Mother's Day Pictures

Mother Illustrations

Mother's Day Quotes

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~ Pastor Tim

chicken thursday may 9Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim

ss banged up for blasphemySunday greetings everyone!

As I've mentioned earlier, Grandma Cybersalt and I are now working with refugees and persecuted Christians, a ministry change from pastoring local congregations. Participation in the Be a Billionaire fund raiser and other donation opportunities here on the Cybersalt site has been helping brother and sisters in Christ who have ended up in the most miserable of conditions for standing firm in their faith. We are thankful for your partnership in this.

One group we have worked a lot with is Christians who have fled Pakistan because of that country's blasphemy laws. This week I watched an excellent video that helps us better understand why they had to flee and are terrified to go back or be forceably returned. This video will also introduce you to some people who need our prayers in the same way Saul needed prayer when he was persecuting the early church. You can watch "Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws" on our AGCRSI website:

Also today, Rev. James Snyder Muses about how smiles are contagious and good for one's health. You can read "A Smile Is Both Contagious and Healthy" at:

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chicken thursday may 2Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Because of last Sunday's catch-up email, there is a new Rev. James Snyder devotional on the Cybersalt site today. You can read how Rev. James Snyder's laziness came to the rescue of his wife in an unexpected way in "Lazy Does Have Its Advantages" at:

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~ Pastor Tim

chicken thursday apr 25Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Things continue to hum along here at Cybersalt World Headquarters - thanks for being a part it!

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim

cookiesEaster Sunday greetings everyone - the Lord is Risen!

This week, questions arise when Rev. James Snyder eats only one cookie, many times over. You can read "A Cookie Isn’t a Cookie Unless You Can Sneak It" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!


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