Chicken Thursday November 4Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Thank you for all of the birthday greetings and wishes last week. It was a pretty busy day with a lot of new flooring being installed by our son, but it was a good day too that ended with ice cream cake and family games. I am going to try and have another birthday next year - Lord willing!

Thank you also to S. Wiggle, G. Cook, C. Reynolds, D. F. Masters, and R. Baggett for pointing out that last week's "How to level Concrete" video share was the previous week's "Cat Shot From Tree" hidden camera video. I have corrected that link.
Click here to watch it.

Today is also Remembrance Day here in Canada. Thank you to all of you and your families who are serving, or have served, in the military. And of course, we remain grateful to and for all those who gave their lives for our freedom.

~ Pastor Tim

Cargo ship that continues to burn near VictoriaSunday greetings everyone.

Whilst getting something in the backyard of Cybersalt World Headquarters yesterday, I noticed this fruit tree with a single piece of fruit on it.

Here is a riddle for you: If I were to ask, "How much fruit is on this tree?" what answer would be correct if you wrote it down, put possibly (maybe even probably) taken as incorrect if you spoke it?

Today's video share is of something I have shown in the past, but now someone has taken it to a new level: printing with water.
Click here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

Chicken Thursday November 4Oh look, Chicken Thursday - and a rare one at that because today is my birthday.

My birthday has not fallen on a Chicken Thursday since 2010 and will not again until 2027!  How old am I? Let's just say I was born on a Thursday in 1965. BTW, did you know that in parts of Ghana everyone gets a name based on the day they were born? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghanaian_name

Since I'm not getting any younger I had better share the rest of the fun submissions that were spawned by the "tews" problem.

Rev. L. Clemmons shared, "To make sure I understand what you reported about the to, too, two, and tew, I offer the following as a grammatical rule: "If you misuse to, too, and two, it will be necessary to tew you until you use them correctly." 

He is also concerned about the misuse of your, you're and there, their and they're as well and asks, "Can we apply the tew to these misused words as well until people learn how to use them? If so, this is an archaic solution for modern grammar that grants me a new use for my BA in English with a minor in Linguistics. I will need to hone my nonexistent pugilistic skills to properly apply tew.

His comments made me wonder if my grammatical errors make me the proverbial canary in the coal mine for English minors around the world!

M. Howard wrote, "Hi - and thanks from across the pond for a gently entertaining regular look at your world! Just thought in the light of your comments around "to, too, two", you'd appreciate me sharing this: "How do you soothe a grammar pendant? "There, their, they're."

J. Pierce proclaimed, "Some prefer to vociferate exclusively in polysyllabic pronouncements of imposing grandeur and resplendent vocabulary.

And finally, HGK555 (which is either his email username or else he is the love child of a romantic encounter between Yahtzee and Boggle games) shared this very good grammatical rule to remember: "i before e, except after c and when your foreign neighbors Keith and Heidi seize their eight counterfeit heifer sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters of average height in a heist. Weird!"

Today's video share is a satisyfing look at a fascinating method of levelling sunken concrete.
Click here to watch it.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing, which is an abbreviated one because Grandma Cybersalt and I have been burning the candle at both ends this week, helping our son install some new flooring here at Cybersalt Word Headquarters.

~ Pastor Tim

Cargo ship that continues to burn near VictoriaSunday greetings everyone.

The fire on the cargo ship off the coast of Cybersalt World Headquarters is out. All that is left is for the salvage company to collect all the fridges and other cargo that is floating up the west coast of our island. There are over 100 containers still missing.

Speaking of Cybersalt World Headquarters, someone shared on Facebook a picture they took today as they flew over the new housing development that is next door to us. I've marked CWH with an arrow. If you happen to be parachuting in the area, feel free to drop in - keeping in mind you are liable for any roof damage you may cause! (You can click on the image to help you aim!)

Today's video share is a French video, but you don't need to speak French to enjoy it
Click here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Today's new items are scattered and somewhat unrelated - much like my thoughts lately!

fourIf you have tried to visit any of the pages on the Cybersalt.org site during the past 2 weeks you may have experienced it being very slow or not even coming up at all. The source of the problem was a real stumper for me, but yesterday I finally found it - and fixed it - with some key information from the server team!

Last week, when sharing fun "tew" sentences, I unnecessarily corrected J. J. Westberg's submission. February 22nd, 2022 (2/22/22) actually falls on a Tuesday (not a Wednesday), making it the most 2's Day possible until well into the future! In fact, I looked and February 22, 2222 is a Friday.

Which brings me to my next point which is a scheduling note. There will be no mailing on Chicken Thursday, February 21, 2222 due to the fact that I will be dead.

But I'm not dead yet, which brings me to a helpful correction from R. Fiori, who caught a mistake in last week's news when I referred to the burning freighter in the "straight" that our house overlooks. He rightly pointed out that I live on a "strait" and not a "straight." I don't mind this correction at all because usually people tell me where to go - not where I am!

Speaking of that burning ship, it is still smoldering and does catch back on fire from time to time, but everything seems to be under control. Before the fire broke out last week, that same ship lost over 100 containers in rough seas off the north coast of our island. Apparently, one of the containers has ruptured, spilling it's load of refrigerators. The waters around that spot aren't usually warm at all, but now they are downright frigid!

OK, it's getting late and I need to stop. I have even more things to mention that Cybersaltines sent in last week, but they will have to wait until until a future issue.

Today's video share is one that had me laughing out loud the other day.
Click here to watch it.

~ Pastor Tim

Cargo ship that continues to burn near VictoriaSunday greetings everyone.

Cybersalt World Headquarters is a pretty noisy place this weekend as we enjoy some family time with two of our kids and their families. One of the things on the agenda is some planning to redo our upstairs floors. Truthfully, we should have replaced our wrinkly carpets when we moved into this house in mid-November, 1996, but now it's really past due to add a new face to our floor! Our daughter-in-law is the one that knows colours and our son is an excellent installer, so Grandma Cybersalt and I are letting them plan and handle everything - well, not everything. They are still letting us pay, lol.

Oh yeah, we can also see a container ship on fire in the straight that our house overlooks. The ship is actually 23KM (14 miles) away from our house, in US waters, but of course all of us who chare the coast of the Salish Sea are concerned. 

This is also a big weekend for our eldest and her family in Toronto. Our son-in-law, Matt, is being ordained today. We are very proud of them. Matt is a very good pastor, possessing gifts and skills that surpass mine in a number of areas.

For today's video share I am going to double up again - maybe.

To watch a news story about the fire on the container ship, click here.

I'm not sure if they are live streaming Matt's ordination, but at 5:00pm Toronto time we'll be clicking here to see if they are.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

fourI have good news and bad news.

The good news is that many of you sent solutions and other fun sentences to the express the intent of the sentence you can speak but is impossible to write down: "There are 3 *twos*" in the English language.

Here they are in the order I received them:

"It is too hard to solve two problems at once."
- G. Taylor

"My friend and I decided that the two of us want to join the challenge, too!"
J Bodman

"The word pronounced "tōō" in English can be spelled 3 ways and mean different things."
R. Outler

"There are three words in the English language (to, too and two) all pronounced the same."
P. Ward

"There are too many of you to ask for two tutus!"
P. Stewart

"February 22nd 2022 (2/22/22) falls on a Wednesday, but we'll be able to call it 2's Day."
J. J. Westberg

"There are three English words that sound like two."
M. Wildner

"Just thought in the light of your comments around "to, too, two", you'd appreciate me sharing this.
How do you soothe a grammar pendant? 'There, their, they're.'"
M. Howard

"In the English language we use "two, to, and too" at different times, and they are all pronounced the same way."
W. McLauren

Thank you, everyone, for the fun and creativity. Some of you actually stayed on task!

And now the bad news.

I thought a clever way to solve the sentence would be to say, "There are 3 tews in the English language" since the reader would be forced to make the sound of the sentence's meaning.

But then I decided I better check and make sure "tew" was not a real world. And guess what? According to Miriam Webster (who admittedly has caused me a lot of problems down through the years) "tew" is actually a word. You can read the definition (by clicking here) and you will see it has two meanings.

You realize what this means, right?

In the English language, there are four . . . . . . .  . . 


~ Pastor Tim

'Portal' built between Lithuanian and Polish citiesSunday greetings everyone.

The rains have returned to Cybersalt World Headquarters as we enter into the season of our late fall and early winter storms that roll in off of the Pacific Ocean. This weekend our island experienced an "atmospheric river." Basically, there was so much rain (to the north of us) that it seemed like there was a river overhead. Not only is it a blessing for the fish who are spawning and the water reservoirs that are being refilled, it also gives people who like to complain something fresh to be unhappy about.

Before I get to today's video share, I'd like to share an article that was written by a friend of mine. Donna Leung's article, "Keeping Everything Together" is a great reminder for the times we live in:

Today's video share is a fun experiment with technology. The 'Portal' built between Lithuanian and Polish cities reminds us we have much in common as human beings - another great reminder for the times we live in:

Click here to watch the first video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim


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