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Sunday greetings everyone.

The Westside Bible Church web site has been updated with last weekend's message and service.  You will find them at:

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My apologies to those of you who received doubles of today's Cybersalt Digest.  Some of the initial mails that went out still had yesterday's news instead of today's news.

Today's featured page, a longtime favorite on the old Cybersalt site, has only recently been moved to the new site.  You will find "Mad Cow Test" at:

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I want you to know that no cats or sharks were hurt in the making of today's new entry in the FunBlog.  No fish were hurt either.

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Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Some children just don't have a chance at living a normal life - especially those with "The Knack."

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Today's featured page on the Cybersalt Site is an example off how sometimes you should just pay for delivery.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

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