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Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

What do you get when you mix a mariachi band and a beluga whale? If your answer is "a picnic" you need counselling. The rest of you can enjoy the newest entry in the funblog at:

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There is a new entry in the FunBlog today - a great funny dog video of a doberman who loves his pool slide.  You'll find "Sliding Doberman" at:

There are also about 20 more funny picture pages moved over to the new Cybersalt site.  To view them all you need to view the most recent page in each category stream and keep hitting next.

Funny Pictureswww.cybersalt.org/funny-pictures/easter-island-mystery

Funny Car Pictureswww.cybersalt.org/funny-car-pictures/house-and-car-decorating

Funny Dog Pictureswww.cybersalt.org/funny-dog-pictures/dog-coaster

Funny Signswww.cybersalt.org/funny-signs/rush-hour-sign

BTW, if you vote for pages through www.stumbleupon.com, all "thumbs up" for pages on the Cybersalt site are gladly appreciated.  In fact, I've got news about that coming up in the near future!

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Today was a pretty productive day working on the new Cybersalt site.

First of all, I transferred over a couple of the old video pages to the FunBlog. To see these, check out the following three links for four great videos!

Secondly, I moved about 25 or so Funny Picture pages over to the new site as well.  To see them all this time, start at "Polar Bear Fridge" and then keep clicking the next button until you have that "Hey, I've seen this picture before feeling."

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There is a new entry in the FunBlog today. You'll find "Funny Cat Playing Basketball" at:

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Sunday greetings everyone!

There is a new devotional from Rev. James Snyder on the Cybersalt site.  He's been working hard at loafing around, but his wife has a different view on what he should be working at.  You'll find "Cultivating the Fine Art of Casual Loafing" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

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