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Today's featured page on the Cybersalt Site is an example off how sometimes you should just pay for delivery.

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Does your dog bite?  That classic clip is the newest entry in the FunBlog.  You'll find it at:

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Rev. James Snyder has a new devotional on the Cybersalt Site.  Today he writes about a gang he has reluctantly been forced to join.  You can read more at:

Today's featured page is "Jesus is Watching Sign" at:

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Sunday greetings everyone.

Who am I? • Why do I do this? • How can I figure this out? • Why do I still feel this way? • How can I change?

If these, or similar questions, are things you ask yourself, their is hope.  If you live in the Victoria, BC area (or can come here for a week) I'd like to let you know about a retreat we are having at Westside Bible Church this coming September 11-17. The retreat being held is called "Mirror Images". I've seen it transform the inner lives (and consequently the outer lives) of a number of people at our church.  They have been helped and given the tools to be forever changed

If you've spent years stuck without being able to move forward in your life - even if you don't know why - I encourage you to look into attending this or another Mirror IMage Retreat.  Don't stay stuck for any longer when there is hope to move forward with a freedom in your life you may not have had for a very long time.

Information on the retreat at Westside Bible Church is at:

Information on Mirror Image Retreats and other upcoming locations is at:

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Today's featured page demonstrates a method guaranteed to help anyone enjoy any job.

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