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Black and White vs. ColorIf you are subscribed to the black and white "text only" version of the Cybersalt Digest, you will notice that I have changed the mailing template so that you don't get the super-long links under the title for each item.  In the dreamy, full coloured version of the Digest the item titles are hot-linked so that if you click on them you will be taken to their unique location on the Cybersalt Site.

You can modify the text-only/color (html) settings of your subscription by clicking on the "Modify Your Subscription" link at the end of each Digest.

Today's new and improved featured page is "Bird Friendly" and you will find it at:

Enjoy the rest of today's digest.

Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Today's featured page makes one wonder why cameras have red eye reduction but not white eye reduction.  You will find "Cat Toy Shock" at:

For those of you following the technical side of things, I am happy to report that the Cybersalt Site is now running on Joomla 1.7.0.  My apologies to those of you who could not access your favorite pages for a while yesterday - including some of the links in yesterday's digest.  I changed a some settings to improve database function and this broke a few things for a while.  All seems to be fine once again.

Enjoy the rest of today's digest.

A few weeks ago a subscriber suggested it would be great to be able to share Cybersalt Digest items online from within the digest itself.  The first thought out of my technologically overloaded mind was, "Whoa, let's just calm down there with the requests!"

It turns out, though, that that options already existed in the new system I was switching over to. You can't share an individual item, but you can share the whole digest now through, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and e-mail.  Starting today, you will find the links to do so in the right hand column of each Digest.

Today's featured updated page is "Old Testament Penalties".  You will find it at:

Enjoy the rest of today's digest.

As you will have gathered already from the special administrative note I sent out earlier, I have transferred all of the Cybersalt Newsletters to new software that incorporates them within the same software (Joomla!) that runs the Cybersalt Site.  This is not only going to allow for the introduction of new newsletter features, but it will also drastically streamline the effort and time it takes to put out our most popular newsletter; the Cybersalt Digest.  I am happy to announce that with these time savings the PearlyGates list will once again be going out in the very near future.

Part of moving the newsletters over to this new system included updating the entire archives of all items ever included in the Cybersalt Digest and it's predecessors.  I hope that soon these archives will completely searchable online.  I'll let you know when that is in place, but in the mean time you can cycle through these different areas through the following links:

Clean Puns -
Clean Quotes -
Illustrations -
One-liners -

There is plenty of new stuff on the horizon.  For now, enjoy the rest of today's digest.