Today's featured page demonstrates a method guaranteed to help anyone enjoy any job.

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What do you get when you combine pipe cleaners and genetic engineering?  You get the latest entry in the FunBlog. I think you will enjoy and be amazed by "Two Bendy Clowns in a Box" at:

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Actor Francesco Quinn in Old El Paso Chicken Thursday CommercialOh look, Chicken Thursday - and a sad one at that because the actor in the Old El Paso "Chicken Thursday" commercials (which inspired the silly observation of Chicken Thursdays in the Cybersalt Digest) passed away suddenly this past Sunday.

Francesco Quinn, son of the late actor Anthony Quinn, died of an apparent heart attack on August 5, 2011.  He was 48.  Our sympathy and condolences go out to his family.

Today's featured page on the Cybersalt Site has a cartoon we use every week in the announcement PowerPoint at Westside Bible Church:

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I have added a new feature to the Cybersalt Digest today - a "Latest Funny Pictures" module.  Now instead of me jamming the news with notifications of all the new funny picture pages on the Cybersalt Site, you can skip to that area for a feast of linkage - No, not the sausage kind.

BTW, if you play the Social Media check-in game Foursquare.com, you should check-in and get some points at Cybersalt World Headquarters! Can't visit locally?  Well, you can still check in and I won't judge you.  I will even look the other way if you decide to friend me (cybersalt).  Of course, I might be looking the other way because I'm pretending you aren't following me.

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There is a new entry in the FunBlog today.  If you can find the magnets and afford the copper pipe, you'll have fun doing this.  You will find "Copper Pipe Magnet" at:

There is also a renewed page on the Cybersalt Site today.  You will find "Alarm Save Sign" at the top of the newly created "Funny Signs" gallery at:

BTW, do you want to know right away when new content is added to the Cybersalt Site.  There are a number of news feeds that will hep you do just that.  You will find them at:

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Now that the Cybersalt Digest is running on its new software, each mailing that goes out will now be available in an online archive.  This has been a long requested asset for people who missed or accidentally deleted Digests they wanted to keep. 

My apologies to everyone on the text only version of today's mailing because the link to the archive area is a really long and ugly one.  You will find the Cybersalt Digest archive by clicking here.

There is a new Rev. James Snyder devotional on the Cybersalt Digest today.  You can read "The Secret to a Great Marriage" at:

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Sunday greetings everyone.

The Westside Bible Church web site has once again been updated with recordings of the messages and services from the last couple of weekends.  You will find them at:

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There is a new FunBlog entry today. It's pretty cool what Shikai Tseng does with liguid light.  You can check it out at:

I have also created a link to the new funny horse pictures collection.  Don't look so long in the face, no horses were hurt in the process.

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