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Pastor Tim Davis, known at Western Speedway as the Pastor of Disaster, was slightly injured last night during the first lap of the A heat in the Claimer Division.

Davis, who was driving back-up for Driver Chris Broughton in the #37 SOS Auto, Voortmans Cookies, Bridge Street Brake and Muffler, Cybersalt.org Chevy Malibu, was entering turn four when two cars made contact and began to spin in front of him.  Pausing briefly to ensure the cars had spun away from the groove, Davis got on the gas to keep up with race leaders.  Un benownst to the Disastrous one, the driver of the 22 car (now on the infield grass) had also hammered the gas, launching himself back out onto the track in a looping, clockwise spin.

As the left rear quarter panel of the 22 car whipped around in front of, and towards, the 37 car, Tim had no time or chance to . . .

I was raised in a Conservative Jewish home. We ?kept kosher,? and for 5 years I went to Hebrew School, followed by a Bar Mitzvah. From an early age, though, I considered myself an agnostic.

As a young lad, I asked an uncle who was highly respected in the synagogue why we did something a certain way. His response was, "We've always done it that way - it's tradition. Now stop asking so many questions!" I found this answer wholly unsatisfying.

I've always liked to ask questions... If something can't be explained or rationally defended, why should I believe in it? More and more, I came to see modern-day Judaism as a set of man-made rules to be followed. My father, for example, began each day by dovening (reading from a Hebrew prayer book) for an hour. I later learned, though, that because the prayers were all in Hebrew and my father couldn't speak Hebrew, he was mouthing the words without understanding what they meant!

My father and I came to an understanding about the matter. While I lived in his house, I would follow all . . .

Supreme Court Tells PM - Parliament can not protect clergy

Dear Clergy and Leaders:

Religious freedom in Canada is seriously compromised and the assault on Clergy has begun. Today Bishop Fred Henry of Alberta is in the process of being prosecuted for expressing Biblical teachings to his flock. If the government will be so bold as to prosecute a Catholic Bishop it may certainly place you or myself on trial. We must act now to protect religious freedom and preserve the definition of marriage.

In January Bishop Fred Henry wrote a letter to his parishioners stating 'since homosexuality, adultery, prostitution and pornography undermine the foundations of the family, the basis of society, then the State must use its coercive power to . . . curtail them in the interests of the common good,??. Two individuals filed complaints and now the Alberta Human Rights Commission is investigating the Bishop.

Dear Rev Tim,

Greetings in the Precious Jesus Name

You should have heard about the terrible earthquake and flooding which brought destruction, damage and death in our country. It seems that trouble has no certain time or place where it will strike, but through it all God is always there. God protected all of us.

As you were aware we had a sad thing happened next day of Christmas in our state. We had earthquake @ 6.45 am in the morning and for it lasted 2 minutes and later followed the tidal waves making a great devastation in our place. Oh it was only 5 kilometres away from our church and orphanage.

{mosimage}Last Saturday night (Oct 09) the Pastor of Disaster (Tim Davis) returned to the track at Western Speedway, Victoria.

Pastor Tim was driving backup for Chris Broughton in the #37 Cybersalt.org, Spyware Nuker, SOS Auto, OHOH Towing, Voortman's Cookies, Commonwealth Promotions, Chevy Camaro.  He timed in with the fastest qualifying lap of his class that evening.  This put him at the back of the pack for the start of each race.

The evening began with a 4 car/4 lap shoot out trophy dash.  After avoiding a potential wreck in the first turn of the race, POD finished 3rd.

{mosimage}38 years ago, at approximately 11:00 a. m., on February 4, 1966, as the cold wind blew snow flurries around the Chicago area, a new life came into the world. I was the second of seven children in my small family. I guess my parents took the book Cheaper by the Dozen too literally! Growing up in a family of seven children will leave you with many stories to tell, some which bring a smile, and a few which bring tears.

My life as a young child was a happy one. I learned to walk, to talk, and to make a total mess of my parents' house as most children do. All those days were rather typical, the sun shone, the birds sang, and it even rained occasionally. It seemed all would be fine. My life would be normal. I would probably grow up to be a billionaire tycoon.


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