The number of people who care about our opinions can be pretty low and the ones that do care and would give us something for them is even less.

However, the Ipsos I-Say Panel site wants to know what you think and they'll give you a chance to win prizes and earn points for telling them. You might even win $5000.

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Gamehouse is a fun site with so many online games there must be one there for you to enjoy.

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The Yowza hh! Riddle ExplainedIn yesterday's  newsletter mailings I gave the following riddle:

Some sleepy time not so long ago it was "Yowsa ho" but today it is "Yowsa hh".
How old am I today?

Congratulations to everyone who figured it out.  Here's the answer and the story behind it.

Today my church (Westside Bible Church) had a Pastor Appreciation event after the morning service.  Part of the festivities was the following video which both appreciates and roasts me.  The heavy beer drinker part falls under the "roast" category.

It has been almost 10 years since I first raced at Western Speedway.  Here's an interview that CHEK TV did with me in September of 1999. BTW, I am not the person featured in the still frame below.

If you live in a part of the world that does so, don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed tonight.

And remember to do one more thing that can safe your life - change the battery in your smoke detector and get a new smoke detector if your current one is over 10 years old.

Thanks for visiting the Cybersalt site.  I bet you were expecting more. . . .so do I.

Perhaps in your life you have known a mechanic who was so busy working on other people's cars that he spent no time on his own and drove a beater.  That's what has happened to the Cybersalt site over time.  I've been pretty busy helping others develop sites and in the process my own site (design wise) has been cooling on the back burner.

Well, change is in the air.  Thank-you for your patience as you navigate our current ongoing structure and design.

A number of people have been getting the following error message when trying to view YouTube videos on the Cybersalt sites.

"We're sorry, this video is no longer available"

This is not a problem unique to the Cybersalt Sites as people all over the net are reporting this problem.

Here are two solutions - I recommend you try both.


Stories of the difference that Jesus Christ
makes in a life given to Him.

Pastor Ti has done some car racing so here's a look back and the career of "The Pastor of Disaster."


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News from the world of missions.

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