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    Street Sweeper

    Hector was pretty impressed that his street sweeper could do sidewalks at the same time.
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    This was not what Max bargained for when he agreed to a cage match.
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    Frog Tongue

    Frog got your tongue?
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    Why you shouldn't let dogs lick your face.
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    A-Team Tank

    You can always tell when the A-Team is in town.
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bearOnce this atheist decided to take a walk in the mountains to admire all the accidents of nature. The mighty eagle soaring across the sky, the quickly moving mountain stream, the wind blowing through the tree tops. When all of a sudden he heard a noise in the brush behind him. Turning his head to look he saw a huge grizzly bear rushing at him.

So he took off !! Running, running, trying to get away. He looks back again, the bear is almost on him! He trys to run faster! He trips, falls, rolls over just as the bear rushes up to him. The bear rears up on his hind legs and raises one huge paw to rip the guys head off when the man yells out, "My God, help me!"


The eagle in the sky, the stream stops, the woods are silent, the bear is motionless. This loud voice then comes out of nowhere saying, "You've denied Me all your life, and taught others I didn't exist. Why is it that you think I should help you now in your moment of need?"

The atheist thinks about it for a moment and replys, "You're right God, I have denied you and it wouldn't be right for me to expect you to help me. But, if you won't help me; would you at least make the bear a Christian?"

Time comes unfrozen, eagle, river, sound. The bear slowly lowers his paw, clasps it together with his other paw, bows his head and says,

"Father, thank you for this meal you've provided for me."

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