pearly gates 2Three men died on Christmas day and found themselves at the PearlyGates.

St. Peter met them and said, "Because it's Christmas day we have a special deal on entry into Heaven. If you have something on you that has to do with Christmas we'll let you in."

The first man reached into a shirt pocket and took out a lighter, flicked it, held it up and said, "A Christmas candle?"

Peter chuckled and said, "OK, you can come in."

The next man reached into a pants pocket and took out a set of keys and shook them in the air and stated, "Jingle Bells?"

Peter paused, groaned and said, "Get in before I change my mind."

The last man rummaged through his pants pockets; nothing. Next he checked his shirt pockets: nothing again.

Finally he searched his coat pockets, paused, thought for a moment and then took out a pair of women's eyeglasses.

He looked at St. Peter and said, "They're Carol's?"