train cnA woman went to a store and purchased a new cupboard that had to be assembled.

Returning to her home, next to some busy railroad tracks, she read the instructions carefully and assembled it in her bedroom. Her work completed, she stood back and enjoyed the new addition.

At that moment, a train passed and the whole cupboard collapsed.

Thinking that she must have done something wrong she rereads the instructions and reassembled the cupboard. Another train passed and the cupboard collapsed again.

Fed up, she called customer service at the store where she had made her purchase. She was told that it all sounded impossible, but that they would send over a technician right over to have a look.

The technician arrived and assembled the cupboard. When the next train passed the cupboard collapsed yet again.

Completely baffled by this unexpected event, the technician proceeded to reassemble the cupboard, get inside it and wait for the next train to see if that would offer any clues to the problem.

Before the next train passed by, the woman's husband came home from work and saw the cupboard.

"That's a nice looking cupboard," he said, opening the front doors and discovering the technician.

The technician said, "You may find this hard to believe, but I'm just standing here waiting for the next train."