The Top 14 Songs Performed by the DEA Choir (Drug Enforcement Agency)

  1. dea logoAmazing Grass
  2. Don't Sell It On The Mountain
  3. I Can Seize Clearly Now
  4. Don't Cry For Me, Noriega
  1. Who Let The Drug Dogs out?
  2. Take Me To The Reefer
  3. Help Me, Ganja
  4. 99 Vials Of Crack On The Wall
  5. You Dropped A Bong On Me
  6. I Fought The Law, And The Law Went Medieval On Me
  7. Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Round the Whole Crime Scene)
  8. Hey, 'Lude"
  9. Shoot Me Up Before You Go-Go

And the number 1 Song Performed by the DEA Choir...

  1. Yakety Yak, Don't Smoke Crack