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Fund Raising

dominoesThe rabbi of a very poor temple was trying to figure out why his congregation was so poor and the Roman Catholic church down the block was so well off, when his con came into the office.

The rabbi decided to send him to the RC church on Sunday to see if he could gain some clue as to how they collected so much money.

After the weekend, the son came back and reported, "It's easy pop! There is a guy in special robes on the stage in the front of the church, and he turns to the audience and hollers 'I bet I can beat you in a game of dominos.'

Then a guy in the balcony answers, 'I bet you I can beat YOU in a game of dominos.'"

The rabbi asked "So, what do they do then?"

The boy answered, "then a bunch of fellows go up and down the aisles collecting the bets in baskets!"

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