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  • ss-cats-stealing-dogs-beds

    Cats Stealing Dog Beds

    Depending on your perspective either cats rule and dogs drool or cat's are rude and dogs…
  • amandatree

    Amanda Tree

    Amanda was going pretty fast when she hit the tree. Thanks to Amanda's grandma, Mary Ann,…
  • Funny Pictures of Woman with Head in Elephant's Mouth

    Elephant Mouth

    "Excuse me lady, but you've got a bit of peanut butter on your lip - let me get that for…
  • Funny Pictures of Boy on Headless Horse

    Horse Tree

    Father, I cannot tell a lie. I rode into the cherry tree.
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  Hill

    Cat Hill

    After moving, Jake couldn't figure out why his dogs wouldn't go hunting anymore.
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A joke about the secret of a long marriageTwo men were talking about the secret of a long a happy marriage.

"Our marriage"  said one "is built on trust and understanding."

"My wife doesn't trust me and I don't understand her."

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