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    Bob was a one man, marching, MP3 band.
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watermelonIf you are wondering what a Goober is, there is a picture of one at:

Two goobers who wanted to invest $100 they won in the lottery. They went to a watermelon farmer they knew and bought 100 watermelons at $1.00 each. After finding a good place to park and sell the watermelons from their truck bed, they started selling them at $1.00 each. When they sold that load they went back to the farmer for more.

After selling several truck loads they counted their money and realized they still had only $100. After counting it several more times to be sure, Charlie said to Bobbie Jo, "This is getting us nowhere! We're just not making any more money here. We sold all our watermelons but we still only have $100. Something's wrong but I surely can't figure it out." 

Finally Bobbie Jo said to Charlie, "Of course, it's as plain as the noses on our face: we need to get a bigger truck!"

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