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Saucer Fill-Up

Picture of a UFOIf you are wondering what a Goober is, there is a picture of one at:

A flying saucer landed at a gas station on a lonely country road. The two space aliens inside seemed completely unconcerned about detection; in fact, the letters "UFO" were emblazoned in big, bold letters on one side of their shiny craft.

As the station owner stood and gawked in silence, paralyzed with shock, his young goober attendant nonchalantly filled up the tank and waved to the two aliens as they took off.

"Do you realize what just happened?" the station owner finally uttered.

"Yeah," said the goober attendant.  "So?"

"Didn't you see the space aliens in that vehicle?!"

"Yeah," repeated the goober attendant.  "So?"

"Didn't you see the letters 'UFO' on the side of that vehicle?!"

"Yeah," repeated the goober attendant. "So?"

"Don't you know what 'UFO' means?!"

The goober attendant rolled his eyes. "Come on, boss! I've been working here for six years. Of course I know what 'UFO' means-- 'Unleaded Fuel Only.'"

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