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  • Funny Cat Pictures -  with Rat on Head

    Cat Diet

    It may have just been the diet, but Shadow was having a hard time not thinking about food.
  • Funny Jokes Picture Of Dog at the Vet

    Dog Kidding

    You're Going to What!?! 
  • Funny Pictures of Stop, Drop and Roll Sign

    Stop, Drop and Roll

    Carrollton Avenue Baptist Church: Proud participant in fire prevention week.
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  and Mouse Face to Face

    Cat Kung Fu

    And then, everybody was Kung Fu fighting!
  • Picture of an unmarked police car

    Police Car Not

    Unmarked police cars are even harder to spot now.

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Famous last words jokesSome Famous Last Words:


Wow, that's a cute tattoo.


It's fireproof.


What does this button do?


Are you sure the power is off?


Pull the pin and count to what?


Which wire was I supposed to cut?


I wonder where the mother bear is.


I've seen this done on TV.


These are the good kind of mushrooms.


I'll hold it and you light the fuse.


Let it down slowly.


OK, I'll go ahead and make your day.


This doesn't taste right.


So, you're a cannibal.

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