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  • A funny cat picture that shows how to tell if your cat has gas.

    Cat Gas

    How to tell If your cat has gas.
  • Funny Pictures of Computer Face Down on a Photocopier

    Backup Printer

    With no time to buy a replacement inkjet cartridge, Frank had to resort to using the…
  • picture of funny bike with new pastor

    New Pastor

    It soon became clear that nobody had checked the new pastor’s references.
  • signbadsign

    Bad Sign

    Honey, I've got a bad feeling about this trip.
  • sign nasty buffet

    Buffet Warning

    Would you still?

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puzzledAfter my 11 year old son did something really dumb, I called him a "moron."

He looked at me like he was saying, "Dad, do you know anything?"

He finally said "Dad I looked 'moron' up in the dictionary and the definition of it is 'a person who has the intelligence of a 12 year old.'

Thanks Dad, you just gave me a compliment!"

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