Down the Path to the Well--a thought to remember along the way

Slide all the way to the other end of the bookshelf today--for this dad is a distant one! Now the word "distance" in Internet lingo immediately brings to mind many distance education courses springing up everywhere. Students can take online courses to get all kinds of degrees. THIS isn't that kind of distance...for a distant dad is unreachable, untouchable, unavailable online or off--he's just not there. The "book" is empty--blank pages, stained with tears--or full of mixed-up text and missing chapters--confusion, sorrow, pain--not a fun book to pick up and read!

Perhaps the book's full of good memories--Dad's in heaven and the close relationship you once had is a pleasing, lingering memory. You may still be writing the book--about a close relationship with a wonderful dad, distant only in miles or oceans--its words speak of devotion, love, care--and all the things a dad should be. That's great....but, you say, "That's not MY one would ever want to read MY book!

Maybe the pages are blank--you've never had a close relationship with your dad. You might not even know who he is--he's never been there--or he's been there and gone--or he's there in physical presence only. We live in a fractured, broken world with many a fractured, broken family--that's life in the millennium! It hurts, it's heavy and it's hopeless....NO, it's not!

For whatever the story of your life, there's a Heavenly Father who cares, who's there for you, who wants to write a NEW chapter in that book--to have a close relationship with you even closer than an earthly parent. For He is God--the perfect Father who knows everything about you and loves you just the same. He accepts you just as you are--whatever your "dad" story is or has been. Now is the time, this Father's Day, to renew a close, intimate relationship with the Father who is never far away--he's there for YOU this day. Believe it, have a wonderful day--and please return tomorrow to discover the REST of the books on the "bookshelf for D.A.D.!"

Delight in a Word from the Well--a refreshing in the Water of His Word

Our Father in Heaven

"Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you...(James 4:8)."

Draw from the Well--a prayer for renewing strength for this day

"Lord, it's nearing Father's Day, and I've got a distant dad. You know all about my circumstances; You understand the hurts, and Lord, I bring them--AND my dad--to You. Work in this earthly relationship as only You can, and help me to work on MY relationship with You. You wait for me to "draw near" and Lord, I do, right now. In Jesus' Name, Amen."


All Scriptures are taken from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

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