Down the Path to the Well--a thought to remember along the way.

Brains...we've all got them, believe it or not--and scientists allege that we use but 10 percent of their capacity! Now I am not a mathemetician, but if I am ACTIVELY using 10 percent of my brain, I believe that leaves 90 percent to curl into its four corners--to rot or, as I would suggest, to revolve--in fright, faith, failure or fun.

Don't get dizzy just thinking about it--we're going to DO something about it! Let's creatively explore those four corners of our brain, unseen by the world below, but seen by the Lord above, who knows us far better than we know ourselves. A comforting--and scary thought--but come along. It could be the adventure that will save your life!

First, we find the corner called GOOD--the fun and forget-me-not memories we cherish--happy experiences, pleasant relationships, memories that bring warm glows of love, joy and peace. A favorite corner we love to visit!

Second, you'll need your flashlight here--it's the corner called BAD, a dark, depressing place where no SONlight shines, where we recall the failures of our life, the down-times of our days, and the despair of our past. Move on--it's not a comfortable place to be! Surely it gets better than this.

STOP! THIS corner is blocked off--no one has been here for years. It's called UGLY, a place of fright, a place where abuse, rape, incest, dark deeds are hidden even from our own view, a place that desperately needs God's revelation, His help and healing care.

Surely, the last corner will be better--and it is. It's the corner called HOLY, a place of faith. It's the place where we find God, memories of our relationship with Him, a loving Father, who takes us by the hand, BACK to re-visit the other three corners--to reveal and remove the UGLY, to forgive and forget the BAD, to remold and renew the GOOD to HIS honor and praise. In Him and through Him, we will find peace in the corners of our mind.

Are you needing peace of mind today? A healing of memories, long forgotten, but stagnating in the dark corners of your world? The HOLY ONE, God Himself, comes to you today, to gently reveal Himself in a new way, to take all those memories--the good, the bad, the ugly, and turn them into a HOLY PLACE where He resides and rules.

Let this day-after-Memorial Day become a memorial altar for you as you surrender to Him all the hard places of your spirit, mind and soul. The HOLY GOD Himself waits to help--and HEAL--you this day!

Draw from the Well--a song, a verse and a prayer for renewing strength for this day.

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee (Isaiah 26:3 )."


"Lord, the dark corners of my mind haunt me--nameless fears, private sins, failures and hurts too hard to speak--I can't forget! Lord, only in YOU will I find peace, and I, this day, surrender each memory to you. "Come fill my heart!" Cleanse, heal, restore, renew my mind and spirit and may it ever be covered by Your precious Blood, In Jesus Name, Amen."

Copyright 2004 by Peggie C. Bohanon, Springfield, Mo. Used by permission.
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