Grandpa, my dad, was a preacher--and often I would see him in prayer, sometimes prostrate on the floor, as he interceded before the Lord for the needs of his family, his congregation and his world!  This "prayer warrior" soon found he was not alone.  For to his great delight, a companion would join him--his 2-year-old grandson Joey, on the floor beside him, praying, "Ohhh, God!"--just like Grandpa!

Those days are long gone.  Grandpa is with the Lord.  Joey is a 6 foot tall," 22-year-old young man, who graduates with a Master's degree in Math tomorrow, then "leaving the nest" for Ph.D.  studies at Wash U, St.  Louis, in late August.  As the memories come rolling back to this sentimental mom, lump-in-throat and catch-in-voice, I now hear myself praying, "Ohhhh, God!"--just like Grandpa, just like Joey!  I chuckle, for "what goes around, comes around" and now it's MY turn to pray!

May God give him keenness of mind, purpose of heart, strength of spirit--and a wake-up call when that alarm clock rings and Mom's not there to get him up!  Oh, and Lord, I know he is 22, BUT could You also give him a nudge to brush his teeth, pick up his clothes, eat his vegetables...grin...I'm sure God understands the "Ohhh, God!" cry of this mom's heart!

And He understands YOUR cry to Him today too--whether it's for a son leaving the nest--or for a sibling left behind; whether it's financial, physical, spiritual, emotional--whatever the need, He hears our cry and He answers.  And He's gonna take care of our kids--they're HIS kids too!

Believe it--think of me this summer as I get used to the "empty nest" ahead, and rejoice with me knowing He's got the whole world--including OUR KIDS--in His great, big, Almighty Hands!

A Scripture verse for Joey--and for all our kids around the world:
"And now...I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them who are sanctified (Acts 20:32)."

Prayer: Lord, the nest is emptying around the world as we see our kids preparing to make a place for themselves in Your world.  Watch over them, protect them, keep them true to themselves and to You.  Bless them, be with them--and with Moms and Dads too, as we trust You to "keep that which we have committed unto You against that day."  Thank You for hearing our "Ohhh, God!" cries--in the middle of the day or night, in the middle of a crisis or not--You are there, and we thank You, In Jesus' Name, Amen."

Copyright 2004 by Peggie C. Bohanon, Springfield, Mo. Used by permission.
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