A Hurting Word...

It was a "precious moment!" Our four-year-old son Joey had just knelt with Mom and asked Jesus to come into his heart. Picking up his little t-shirt, he looked down at the "appropriate place" and said, "Jesus, are You in there?" It was a priceless memory for the baby book too--and for heaven's Book of Life, where the names of all God's children are written and remembered! The Lord Jesus Christ was the welcome Guest in a little boy's heart that day, too young to know deep theology or debate a doctrinal thesis, too young to memorize the Gospel of John or the Book of Acts, but old enough to feel God's love drawing him to a loving Lord. A special moment indeed which he--and Mom--will never forget!

Guests don't take over. They are received, honored, served, loved and respected, listened to and appreciated, but they don't make the rules or run the house--and there's a difference! At some point in Joey's life and each of our lives (sometimes immediately at conversion, sometimes a "room" at a time), we must give this wonderful Lord the rulership and "reigns" of our heart--and if we don't, there's trouble ahead! You see, SOMEONE has to "be in charge." Put ME in charge and I'll make a mess! Put old slewfoot in charge and he'll make a bigger mess. Put the Lord Jesus Christ in charge--and He'll make "something beautiful" of your life! Come with me to the Well; bring along your beating heart, for heaven's sake; you'll need it in more ways than one!

A Helping Word...or Two!

He Rules with His Word!
Accepting the Authority of the Word of God

Lord, open my understanding to comprehend the timeless truths of Your Word. Help me to hang on when You show me the "hard things" I must accept and do. Train me in Your higher ways, but also walk me into Your deeper paths. Broaden my perspective to see life as You see it. Most of all, bring my entire being into subjection of Your Word as I hide it deep within my heart. You command me to obey and obey, I must. There is a ring of true authority in Your words--I must believe no other Word but yours. You are Lord and I bow to Your eternal Word, O Ruler of my heart.

He Rules Through the Might of His Name!
Accessing the Protection of the Name of Jesus

Lord, reveal to me the power and authority of your mighty Name. Devils tremble at the mention of Your Name; all heaven stands at attention when Your child calls on that Name. Help me realize the awesome power that comes to my rescue when I use that Name in prayer, in spiritual warfare, in danger, in sickness and in spiritual need. Your Name, the highest given on heaven and earth, is divine protection against the forces that would harm me. You protect my heart and my life with the power of that Name, and I will ever cherish the matchless Name of Jesus, thou supreme Ruler of my heart.

He Rules with His Precious Blood!
Appropriating the Power in the Blood of Christ

Lord, I need the covering of Your Precious Blood daily. You see the mental, emotional and spiritual struggles of life. You know the temptations and tauntings of the evil one; You know the testings and tryings deep within. Let Thy sinless, holy Blood flow over my very being until it is saturated with the purity and power, the grace and cleansing available only through the Lamb of God. O Precious Lamb of God, I come to Thee...cover me, cleanse me, heal me as only Your Blood can do. It was shed for the world, but it was shed for ME--and I claim its power, O Ruler of my heart.

He Rules with the Peace of His Presence!
Acknowledging the Presence of the Prince of Peace

Lord, make me aware of Your unfailing presence. Help me to know Your peace which passes all understanding. May I "be still and know that You are God" even in the storms of life--especially in the storms of life! Lord, howling winds of fear and doubt would overwhelm me in the distresses of life, and were You not in my boat, I'd drown for sure! Thank You for being there. Help me rise above the emotions of the moment, the times when I feel my pain and not Your presence; help me know deep within the perfect peace which comes only from You, the Prince of Peace...and Ruler of my heart!

Welcome, Prince of Peace and Ruler of my heart! I hand you the keys--all of them. Flee, prince of darkness and ruler of evil. You, who would distort, distract and disturb a child of God, have no welcome here. You, who would seek to overthrow the government of God in my heart, will not prevail. You have no authority nor power to prevail over the Prince whom I love and serve, so begone! You are defeated through the authority of the Word, the power of His Name, the preciousness of His Blood and the peace of His Presence. I am secure, I am protected, I am forgiven and I am loved. Jesus, Lord of glory, rule and reign supreme in my heart and in the heart of all believers who love and serve Jesus Christ, the King of all kings and Lord of all lords. He IS King and He SHALL reign forever and ever, in all of eternity--and in my heart!

His Healing Words

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts...(Colossians 3:15 KJV)."

"Lord, I'm tired trying to control my life--and I'm fed up with fighting the foe who wants take charge. I give myself totally and without reservation to You. I know I will only know perfect peace as I make You the Ruler of my heart...so take the keys, all of them, In Jesus' Name, Amen.

 All Scriptures are taken from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Copyright 2004 by Peggie C. Bohanon, Springfield, Mo. Used by permission.
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