New Normal If Its Free It are not for me
April 25, 2021

New Normal: If It's Free, It Ain't for Me

Once when I wore a younger man's suit I would take anything free. I assumed it was my right to get something free. Then I had a conversation with my grandfather. If anybody knew how to squeeze a buffalo out of a nickel, it was my grandfather. But you couldn’t… Read More
what is so peasy about easy
April 18, 2021

What’s so Peasy About Easy?

I am nowhere to be found when it comes to crafts, remodeling, and just plain fixer-uppers. My carpentry skills are nowhere to be found even though I've looked for a long time. If I try to fix something, I make it worse than it was. Fixing is not my strong… Read More
seeing can be rather expensive
April 11, 2021

Seeing Can Be Rather Expensive

As I get older, and my goal is to get as old as I can, I begin to realize some of the things I haven't noticed in my life. You know how it is; things creep up little by little, and then all of a sudden, there it is. That happened to me recently with my eyes.… Read More
be careful what you smile about
April 04, 2021

Be Careful What You Smile About

I am a student of smileology and have been just about all my life. If you can't smile at something,it's not worth thinking about. Of course, certain things in life are serious, but not that many. Too many people take everything seriously and ruin their life.… Read More
ants ants ants where are the uncles
March 28, 2021

Ants, Ants, Ants, Where's the Uncles

I have learned in my life that the small things are the ones that get you down. You would think the big things are the ones to steal most of your time. But those big things call attention to themselves from the very beginning. You know they're there, you know… Read More
knock knock someone s in trouble
March 21, 2021

Knock, Knock; Someone’s in Trouble

For some reason, the last several weeks we have been getting many visitors at our door. I'm not sure if this is a general trend or if it is just our door. Some of them have been salesmen, religious people, scam artists, and a host of other people. They only… Read More
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