What words can I use
To show my gratitude
For all You have done for me?
And what can I say,
That will show, in some way,
How You, Lord, have set me free?

There are no words
To speak Your Grace,
Your wonderful love,
Your matchless Name,
Your Holiness,
With mercy assured..
I will praise You,
With more than words.

How can mortal man
Pretend to understand
The perfection of Your love?
My lips cannot speak,
Nor fallen tongue repeat,
The blessings sung up above.

There are no words
To tell Your might:
Victorious, making
Every wrong right.
Almighty King,
Who forever endures?
I will worship
With more than words.

Let this be my hymn:
To daily follow Him
Who emptied Himself for me.
And then, from my heart,
A better song shall start
To ring through eternity.

There are no words
To tell Your peace.
By Your healing touch
We find release.
Your tenderness,
Your powerful hand,
Teaches me to praise
With all I am.

Sandra Boyte, Copyright 2004

Used With Permission