Don't give away your blessings
By the way you choose to live.
Don't throw away your riches
By the way in which you give.
As you cast upon the water
So it will return to you.
And as you share with others,
God will share His wealth too.

Don't stare into the darkness,
And expect to see the light.
Or put your trust in man
And believe he will do right.
For from dust he was formed,
And return he will to dust.
And all the he has done
Will fall to age and rust.

But put your trust in Jesus
For He alone is true,
And when you are in trouble
Know that He will carry you.
Believe in what He promised,
He will return again.
To reward those who believe
And to judge the deeds of man.

Sandra Boyte, Copyright 2004

Used With Permission