Let's face it - some pretty awful things have been done in the name of Jesus.  It is true that not everyone who does things in the name of Jesus is really following Him (so of course all true Christians can't be rightfully blamed for those things) but even true Christians can get out of whack and do things that are utterly ridiculous and even downright wrong and sinful.

Sadly, too many churches and Christian groups decide to just cover their imperfections and transgressions in the name of sharing the Good News of Jesus - not realizing the harm they are doing in turning people away from their hypocrisy.

In reality, when we see wrong and/or inconsistency in the church and Christian community, we need to address it and deal with it.  Otherwise the world will have no interest in the Message of Jesus because of such fake living. 

We need to fallow the example of the Apostle Paul in reaching out to the world by reaching into the inconsistency that sometimes arises within the church.

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