"And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed for the
 day of redemption." Eph. 4:30.
        When the Lord presents evidence upon evidence and gives light upon
 light, why is it that souls hesitate to walk in the light? . . . By every
 hesitation and delay, we place ourselves where it is more and more 
difficult for us to accept the light of heaven, and at last it seems impossible to
be impressed by admonitions and warnings. The sinner says, more and more
easily, "Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will
call for thee" (Acts 24:25). . . .
    The person who is drawn again and again by his Redeemer, and who
 slights the warnings given, yields not to his convictions to repent, and
 heeds not when he is exhorted to seek pardon and grace, is in a perilous
 position. Jesus is drawing him, the Spirit is exerting His power upon him,
 urging him to surrender his will to the will of God; and when this
 invitation is unheeded, the Spirit is grieved away. The sinner chooses to
 remain in sin and impenitence, although he has evidence to encourage his
 faith, and more evidence would do no good. . . . There is another drawing to
 which he is responding, and that is the drawing of Satan. He yields
 obedience to the powers of darkness. This course is fatal, and leaves the
 soul in obstinate impenitence. This is the blasphemy that is most general
 among men, and it works in a most subtle way, until the sinner feels no
 remorse of conscience, no repentance, and consequently has no pardon. . . 
    Those who resist the Spirit of God think that they will repent at some
 future day when they get ready to take a decided step toward reformation,
 but repentance will then be beyond their power. According to the light and
 privileges given will be the darkness of those who refuse to walk in the
 light while they have the light. . . .
  Christian friends, Never, never, feel at liberty to trifle with the opportunities granted
 to you. Study the will of God; do not study how you can avoid keeping the
 commandments of God, but study rather how you may keep them in sincerity 
and truth and truly serve Him whose property you are.
  I have added this to her devotion:   Instill within my heart, dear LORD, A deep desire to know Your Word; I want to learn to hear Your voice And always make Your will my choice.   THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - When we yield ourselves to the Spirit's control, we do not lose our self-control.