"I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content." Phil. 4:11      

What is the secret? How can we be joyful and content in every state of life?  Paul had learned to be content, because he had found the source of strength. "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." Christ Jesus is a strong Savior, who endured every trial in His suffering life for us. He was content to go hungry forty days in the wilderness. He was content to do the will of His Father by giving Himself up to the hands of sinners. In Christ we have strength to be content at all times.      

We can share this joy of Paul by faith. With him we are content in times of poverty and posperity. We know the joy of God in days of pain and of robust health. The lonely days and the busy days do not affect the joy we know in God.      

Is this true? Can we accept every situation of life as our opportunity to serve God? We can be content in every situation, when we accept it as a gift of God. We may not be able to say, "I have learned to be content" as Paul, but we go on learning, that we can be joyful in Christ.      

Christian friends, If you are a Christian, the greatest blessings in life are already yours. Heaven is your home, and God is your Father. He has promised never to leave you and He will supply your every need. So thank Him for all that He has given you and be content.  

I would be quiet, LORD, and rest content,                                                                    I know my needs will all be met;                                                                               With You to guide and care, my joy is this;                                                          Not one small need will You forget.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - Most people aren't content with their lot, even when they get a lot more.