"If thou hadst known, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace." Luke 19:42      

The present is the precious moment. How soon the signs of warning will be hidden away forever. Only those blinded by the passion of unbelief and rejection of Christ rush on regardless of danger.      

God's signals are plain. The directions and instructions of His Holy Word are clear. He who runs may read, but oh, how many rush by, taking time's fast express to the abyss of ruin. They prefer to be guided by the false lights of brilliant skepticism, of fashionable sins, of attractive infidelity.      

The compassionate Savior wept over Jerusalem's unbelief and willful rejection of His love. May He never weep over us. Today, if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts. The present is our opportunity for salvation. Let not our eternal requiem be: "Oh if I only had" Rather let us say: "For me to live is Christ" Now is the day of salvation.      

Christian friends, If you have come to Him, rejoice that you are His. If you have not, you must realize that time may run out. Don't remain forever alienated from the Lover of your soul. Trust Him today. Don't be one who says, "If only I had known, if only someone had told me"  

Why trade the hope of heaven's light                                                                         For things that please the prince of night?                                                      Eternal glories wait for all                                                                                               Who turn and trust God's loving call.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY -  God always knocks loud enough for the seeking soul to hear.