"And himself believed, and his whole house." John 4:53      

Too many people take the mercies of the LORD for granted. Like the ten lepers in the parable, many will cry out to the LORD for help, and when help is given them, they will go their way, as nine lepers did, and not return to give thanks. Not so with this nobleman. He became a believer in the LORD Jesus, and his whole family believed. He told them the words which the LORD had spoken, and faith was kindled in the hearts of the whole household.      

People in ancient times loved to tell of the later lives of such men as this nobleman. They pictured him as one who stood at the distance in great sorrow when his LORD was crucified; and who went forth later on and testified that the LORD had risen; and finally He suffered martyrdom. Whether such traditions are true, it is hard to say. It is quite possible that there is a certain amount of truth in this story, at least the nobleman continued to believe in the LORD all his days.        

Christian friends, The countless gifts of grace which men receive from on high cannot help reminding them, again and again, that the promises given us in God's Word will surely be fulfilled.  

God sent His Son to die for us,                                                                                            No other life would do;                                                                                                              So why not trust in Christ today                                                                            Accept His gift to you.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - Salvation is a free gift, but we must believe and receive it.