"Forever, O LORD, ThyWord is settled in heaven." Psalm 119:89      

In this world few things are settled. But with the Word of God it is different. That is settled, for it is settled in heaven. God Himself has settled it, and His truth is everlasting. When God tells us that by nature we are sinful and unclean, that settles the matter. When God told Adam and Eve that if they would eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, they would surely die, that settled it; they ate, and they died. When God in heaven determined upon the plan for our salvation by sending His Son to be our Redeemer, that decree of God was again unchangeable.      

Christian friends, When in our personal lives, in our family affairs, in our congregational problems, the Word of God gives a decision one way or the other, then there is no further argument, the matter is settled.  

Thank You, LORD, for Your precious Word,                                                       And for its message I have heard;                                                                                   No other book do I revere,                                                                                                     No other counsel hold so dear.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - Happy is he who builds his faith upon the impregnable rock of the Word of God.