"Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God." 2 Timothy 3:4      

Among the signs of degeneration Paul includes caring for pleasure more than for God. In a pleasure-made age this warning prompts us to pause for reflection. People serve the idol of pleasure and sacrifice the highest values of life upon its altars.      

If there ever was a generation that needed to live and walk in faith and love it's the generation in which you and I live.  In the day and hour that we live, without a continual study and exercising of your faith, things are really going to get under a ton of pressure. It will be hard. However, if we stay in it and are diligent to walk pleasing, in faith and love, before the LORD, we'll be the ones putting the pressure on the devil and his works, instead of his putting pressure on us. The further we go, the more dangerous things on this earth will become. We will have to grow in the realities of redemption and the how to's of living by faith, in order to live in the great overcoming way that the LORD has planned for us.      

Christian friends, Wholesome pleasures are desirable and necessary in life. But we must not permit them to divert our attention from the paramount purpose of life. Friends delight yourselves in the LORD and in obedience to His will. Christ has redeemed and saved us. In the gratitude and obedience of heaven-born faith, our determined purpose must be to live to the Savior to glorify Him in a life of Christian devotion.  

What will if profit when life here is over,                                                        Though great worldly wisdom I gain,                                                                           If seeking knowledge I utterly fail                                                                              The wisdom of God to obtain?  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - The smartest people know that God knows best.