FLAG DAY - 2008    

The flags of most countries, including that of the United States, symbolize the liberties enjoyed by the citizens. The flag is usually an object of fierce pride. As we review the history of what has happened to our nation and through our nation, we should feel more than patriotism. We should also look for more ways to serve God, both as individuals and collectively.    

The words printed on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are from Leviticus 25:10 "And proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabitants thereof." That liberty spoken of in Scripture is not political, but spirtual. Jesus spoke of spiritual freedom; freedom from sin's oppression and condemnation, when He quoted Isaiah 61 and claimed to be the Messiah who brings it.    

The Liberty Bell is cracked. It can't ring out any more. Because of sin, we too are seriously damaged. We need to be liberated by Jesus from our selfishness, prejudice, complacency, hatred, and injustice. By the power of the LORD'S Spirit, we also need to unfurl virtues of goodness, kindness, justice and love, thankful for the freedom Jesus gives us through faith in Him. To this end may we often pray: Blessed Savior,  

Knowing that Thy peace shall keep us,                                                                 That our lives on Thee are stayed,                                                                   Trustinly we'll face the future                                                                                     With a heart that's unafraid.