"For I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance. Phil. 1:19     

A special note of joy is added to the life of Paul through the prayers of his co-workers in Philippi. They sent Epaphroditus to give Paul a gift and to reassure him of their prayers.     

Their prayers made him more confident. He knew God would answer their prayer and supply him a full measure of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit would give Paul the strength to bear his troubles. The prayer of his co-workers confimed his faith that his life in prison would result in some blessing to the glory of God.    

God gives us the joy of prayer spoken by our fellow Christians. Millions of us join in the prayer of our LORD. As they pray. "Our Father, they include us. Christians at worship pray for the whole Christian church, including us. All prayer is an expression of faith in God and of love for the family of God. The prayers of personal friends lift our hearts to know that God is our Helper.     

Sometimes we feel too weak to continue. Life is too much of a struggle. Then some Christian prays for those in need of strength. God gives us the Spirit of Christ to rise again and live for God. This is our joy in the prayers by others.     

Christian friends,  May we faithfully intercede for those who are struggling. Let's be a source of invisible support.  

Support for people who're in need                                                                        Comes when we pray and intercede;                                                                     God's strength is given to His own                                                                          When we go to the Father's throne.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - God's intervention is often the result of our intercession.