"An enemy did this, he replied." The servants asked him, Do you want us to go and pull them up?" Matt. 13:28     

God's enemy, the devil, is the source of the weed seeds planted among the wheat. This is our LORD'S clear explanation of the spread of wickedness. God created a perfect world, but the devil stepped in and caused the fall into sin. Even though Satan carries on his work in secret, still the LORD knows all about it; before the devil ever carries out his mischief, the LORD already knows how He will use the evil for our good (found in Rom. 8:28). the prime example of this is the devil's scheming at the death of Christ; already before creation God planned to use this for our eternal salvation.     

These servants are faithful servants, willing to take on this difficult task in the service of their master. But they don't immediately go out and begin the work as soon as they realize that their master doesn't want weeds in his field. First they ask the master what he would have them do. Our LORD also wants servants who are zealous to do His work, but who first find out from Scripture exactly what their LORD wants them to do to spread His kingdom and to counter the attacks of Satan. There is also a zeal for God that is not based on knowledge. (Rom. 10:2)     

The servants thought it best if they would pull all the weeds out of their master's field. Jesus also had a deal with those, even among His own disciples, who would cleanse the world by ridding it of all unbelievers in (Luke 9:52-55). And this makes sinse to our human reason. Just as the weeds hinder the growth of the wheat, so also the unbelieving world hinders the growth and flowering of the Christian church. Jesus calls the weeds "everything that causes sin and all who do evil" The world tempts the Christians, and some fall, to be replaced by weeds. It makes sense that the weeds should be uprooted. But our LORD does not concur with this plan. Tune in again tomorrow to hear the rest of the story.      

Christian friends,  How about your hearts? Are they prepared to receive the seed of God's Word.  

Nor let Your Word so kindly sent                                                                                     To raise us to Your throne                                                                                           Return to You, and sadly tell                                                                                          That we reject Your Son.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - How much fruit you harvest depends on how well you prepare the soil.