"All the world is guilty before God.... Justified freely by His grace... In Christ Jesus."Rom. 3:19,24    

God's estimate of His creation was, "It was good." But ever since His human creatures turned from obedient freedom to enslaving rebellion the Creator's verdict on each of us is: "GUILTY"     

Only God can reverse His just judgment. He knows what He Himself did to reverse the verdict. His Son died on a cross, taking all our guilt on Himself.  

Christian friends, To all who confess, "Against Thee I have sinned," and believe in Jesus, crucified for our sins, God for Jesus' sake reverses His sentence. Here are the words bringing  joy to all: "Guilty, but pardoned!"  

The perfect righteousness of Christ                                                                                 Is free to everyone;                                                                                                                    But we by faith must take the gift                                                                              And trust God's precious Son.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. - Salvation is free because Christ paid the infinite price.