"Be ye doers of the Word and hot hearers only. Do what it says." James 1:22

Do you remember your old record player and we were so excited when it came in High-fi. Fidelity, or faithfulness, is a virtue greatly prized in people as well as in those record players. Fidelity means faithfulness to the original, a careful and exact reproducing of the highest standard. Today we have the I-pods.

Because we are Christians, life becomes a special high-fi project. The original is God. From Him we hear what He wants us to be. The recording of His plan and purpose is the Holy Scipture itself. By our sin we have abandoned the will of God. It was Christ who died on the cross to restore the image of holiness in us. We are far from perfect in ourselves, but the righteouness of Jesus covers our imperfection and makes us acceptable to God.

Faithfully now we try to play back the will of God. "Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only." This accomplishment is made possible because Jesus supplies the current, the motivating energy. "Without Me ye can do nothing." John 15:5

Christian friends, Are we happy people when we treasure God's Word and will in receptive hearts? Certainly. "But a far greater blessing to hear the Word of God and obey it." Jesus said this in Luke 11:28

We must be doers of the Word, Not merely those who hear; For when we listen and obey, God's blessings will appear.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - The way of obedience is the way of blessing.