"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." Matt. 11:15    

Do we hear the full left and right ear range of God's Word? It is so easy for us to hear the sweet strings of the New Testament, but to miss the strong bass of the Old Testament; to cherish the good news of the Gospel, but to minimize the stern note of the Law; to select the words of God we want to hear, and to tune out those which tell us of our sins.     

Christian friends, We must explore the full range of God's thoughts for us. We must avoid becoming listeners with a one-track mind, just those portions we have always known, or only those we enjoy to hear.     When we listen to God, we must give ear to all of His Word.  

May every voice be hushed in me,                                                                        Except They living Word;                                                                                                      Let evey move be crushed in me,                                                                                That does not own Thee LORD.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - When we listen to God, we must give ear to all of His Word.