Please click on the links at the bottom to watch a wonderful video and the meaning to Laminin under that one. Hope you enjoy them and learn more about Psalm 33.   "He spoke, and it was done.  Psalm 33:9     

Many of us make the following statements: "I'm going to lose weight." I'm going to start reading my Bible more" I going to quit this bad habit"  Yes we all make statements like these which are strong declarations of what we want to happen. But saying something and making sure it occurs are not the same. It takes effort and dedication, and even then what we want to happen may not take place.    

Not so with God. According to Psalm 33, when He speaks, what He says comes into being. In verse 6, "By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth" God spoke, and the world came into existence. What a testimony of God's greatness. It should remind us of the infinite difference between the Creator and His creatures. When we speak, we voice our wishes; but when God's speaks, He creates reality. This magnificent truth inspires us to put into action the commands of Psalm 33:1-3. Rejoice in the LORD." Praise the LORD ,and Sing to Him." His words bring forth worlds, and our words need to bring forth His praise.    

Christian friends, Today, let's do more than say, "I'm going to praise the LORD," Let's do it with our lives and with our words.

With words of power God formed the world,                                                                  Across the heavens the stars were hurled;                                                                            And now in honor to Him we bring                                                                                            Our words of praise as we pray and sing.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - If you know that God's hand is in everything, you can leave everything in God's hand.   This is about 8 minutes long.........time well spent.  It really gets interesting about the middle of the presentation.  I thought you would like this clip by Louie Giglio on God's love and Laminin