Deut. 11:18-28                                                                                                                      Romans 3:21-28                                                                                                                Matthew 7:21-29                                                                                                                     Psalm 4
     If the threat of disaster where to come your way, would you be ready to meet it and overcome it? When Jesus told the story of the builders he likely had the following proverb in mind: When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm for ever (Proverbs 10:25).  What's the significance of the story for us?  The kind of foundation we build our lives upon will determine whether we can survive the storms that are sure to come. Builders usually lay their foundations when the weather and soil conditions are at their best.  It takes foresight to know how a foundation will stand up against adverse conditions.  Building a house on a flood plain, such as a dry river-bed, is a sure bet for disaster!  Jesus prefaced his story with a warning: We may fool humans with our speech, but God cannot be deceived.  He sees the heart as it truly is,  with its motives, intentions, desires, and choices (Psalm 139:2).     

There is only one way in which a person's sincerity can be proved, and that is by one's practice.  Fine words can never replace good deeds.  Our character is revealed in the choices we make, especially when we must choose between what is true or false, and good or evil.  Do you cheat on an exam or on your income taxes, especially when it will cost you?  Do you lie, or cover-up, when disclosing the truth will cause you pain or embarrassment?  A true person is honest and reliable before God, neighbor, and oneself. Such a person's word can be taken as trustworthy. What can keep us from falsehood and disaster?  If we make the Lord and his word the rock and foundation of our lives, then nothing can shake us or keep us from God's presence and help.  Is the Lord and his word the sure foundation of your life?    

 Christian friends, Study you Bible daily and carefully and seek the wisdom of Jesus always. Only He can help you build a house that is strong enough to withstand the stroms of life.  

The wise man builds his house on rock                                                           Instead of sinking sand                                                                                                            By doing what the Builder says                                                                                     And following His plan.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - To build a Godly life, let God be the architect and His Word the blueprint.  

PRAY WITH ME --"Lord, You are the only foundation that can hold us up when trials and disaster threaten us. Give me the wisdom, foresight, and strength of character I need to do what is right and good and to reject whatever is false and contrary to Your will   May I be a doer of Your Word and not a hearer only." In Jesus name I pray.  Amen


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