Good Morning 04-08

CHRIST IS RISEN - His Risen Indeed
The moon is pale in the western sky,the air is thick and gray, to the east there are faint, but telling signs of the drawning of a bright new day.
In another sky the moon was pale and the air was thick and gray when two women came to a garden tomb at the break of a yester-day.
They came to bathe their crucified LORD with spices and herbs and oil. Their steps was slow, their hearts were low as they approached their devotional toil.
To their dismay the stone was gone. Said a young man clothed in white, "He is not here, He is Risen!" Then vanished from their sight.
"He is not here, He is Risen!"
Tis the hope of a world forlorn,
"He is not here, He is Risen!"
Tis the message of Easter Morn.