And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask Me for anything in My name, and I will do it."
- John 14:13,14

Jesus is near to all who believe. He is, so to speak, but a "prayer call" away. Jesus said, and repeated, "anything you ask in My name, I will do." He fixes no limit in giving this promise except that the prayer must be made in His name, which excludes all sinful and arrogant petitions.  The promise is absolute. It covers whatever the believer asks, and it carries Jesus' assurance: "I will do it."

We can depend on that promise to this day. Two phrases from Jesus will help us understand how to claim the promise. The payer must be "in Jesus' name," and the fulfilled prayer must "bring glory to the Father" through Jesus. If what we ask for would not bring glory to the Father, we cannot expect to get it. When we pray in Jesus' name, we trust implicitly that He knows what is best for us. We pray in faith and according to His will (1 John 5:14,15), and we know He answers that prayer.

Christian friends, The fact that a Christian's prayer must be made in the name of Jesus cannot be emphasized too often. Only such prayers are acceptable as are made in faith in the Redeemer, the one Person whose complete atonement has given us the right to address God as our Father, and as are made in the name of the exalted Son of man, whose providence and rule now extends over the whole world.

We need not question ways divine
He'll open for your prayers and mine;
Suffice it that He'll find a way
If in His name we pray.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY -  Our highest privilege is to talk to God; our highest duty is to listen to Him.