"I am going to send you what My Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high."
- Luke 24:49

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the basis of all Christian preaching; with these topics as a foundation there can be no real Gospel proclamation. But this ministry, which was once more given into their care, cannot be carried on properly in a man's own strength; and this was true above all in those early days of Gospel teaching.

For that reason Jesus gives the apostles the asssurance that

He will send the promise of the Father upon them, that He will carry out the prophecies which expressly refer to the sending of the Holy Spirit. But until that time comes and until the special pouring out of the Spirit upon them would take place, they should quietly and patiently remain at Jerusalem. For they would surely be clothed, invested, with power from on high.They would receive strength in such unusual measure that they could and should wear it like an armor in doing the LORD'S will and in waging His battles.

It is a consolation which should serve for the comfort of the faithful teachers and pastors who preach the Gospel in our days. The Spirit is in the Word which they proclaim, and that Spirit will both give them strength and exert His power through the Word.

Christian friends, The indwelling Holy Spirit has never left. He is the Spirit of power, and He works through Christians who are yielded completely to Him.

Oh let Your mighty love prevail
To purge us of our pride
That we may stand before Your throne
By mercy purified.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - The power that compels come from the Spirit that indwells.