This is the day the LORD hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Acts 1:6-14
1 Peter 4:12-14
John 17:1-11
Psalm 68:1-10

The Scriptures listed above reveal One who goes before His people. This was visibly so during the Exodus from Egypt and the days of wilderness wandering. God precedes us in times of testing. And in the Godhead we see our pattern for unity. The God who creates sent a Son to redeem. At a given point in history, the Son ascended into heaven with a promise of the coming Holy Spirit. Our faith rests in a God who has traveled our way before us.

We all believe in one true God,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
Ever present help in need,'
Praised by all the heavenly host.

PRAY with me: O King of glory, LORD of hosts, uplifted in triumph far above all heavens, we pray, leave us not without consolation, but send us the Spirit of truth, whom You promised from the Father. In Jesus name we pray. Amen