"He who planted the ear, does He not hear? He who formed the eye, does He not see? Psalm 94:9        The Word of God reveals to us a God who is always busy in His world. He made it in the beginning, He saved it through the cross and He carries out His purposes day after day.      We are to keep this in mind when we are facing the many problems of life. We may try, as many do, to solve these by ourselves. If we do, we are not living life to the fullest. We are then living in a world where the fences are high. It is like being in a prison, that is one way to live.      But there is another way, the Christian way. This way is built on the sure promises of God that He loves us and has made us children of His grace through faith in Christ Jesus. Now we are sons and daughters of God and are certain that we are living in God's world altogether. We live in the wide open spaces of His love and care. He guides us with His eye. He hears our prayers. No walls shut us off from Him. We walk with Him, we thank Him for His goodness, and ask Him what He wants us to do so that our neighbors and friends may know that we live in Him and He in us.      Christian friends, We live in the sunshine of God's love, with His peace in our hearts. No longer do we go on in our own strength or seek to solve our problems alone. We lean on God. That is more than enough.   Holy Spirit, faithful Guide, Ever near the Christian's side; Gently lead me by the hand, Pilgrim in this desert land.   THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - The task ahead of us is never greater than the Power behind us.