James 5:19-20 (NLT) My dear brothers and sisters, if anyone among you wanders away from the truth and is brought back again, you can be sure that the one who brings that person back will save that sinner from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins.

The wanderer here is a believer and has erred from God's truth and fallen into the trap of the sin. We can all agree that when we sin, we need to repent and when we sin, we have an advocate with Father. But we must confess and repent from those sins.   James urges Christians to help the erring saints return to God. By taking this initiative, praying for the person, and acting in love, but speaking in the truth of God's word, we can meet the person where he or she is and bring him or her back to God and His forgiveness.

James emphasizes faith in action. Righteous living is the evidence and result of faith. The church is the believers to that cold material building and Jesus is our temple. We are His body, we must serve with compassion, speak lovingly and truthfully, live in obedience to God's commands, and love one another. 

As the  Body of Christ,  believers in Him, role modeling our life's after His ought to be an example of heaven on earth, drawing people to Christ through love for God and each other. If we truly believe God's Word is for today, we will live His principles day by day.

God's Word is not merely something we read or think about, but something we do. We must be doers of the word James 1:2. Belief, faith, and trust must have hands, arms, feet and hearts reaching and these hands must be ours reaching out in the doctrine of Christ Jesus and His word. Compassion must be our garment and love must be our cloak but truth must be our weapon.

LORD, grant me a heart of compassion, So burdened for other's needs, That I will show them Your kindness, In attitudes, words, and deeds.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - The more you love the LORD, the moe you will love others.