"Does a spring send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?" James 3:11      

Judged by its size, the tongue is only a small and insignifcant part of the body. Judged by its power, there is none greater. James tells in this chapter the good things and the bad things that the tongue can do. The best we can do with it is to praise God, to pray and to give thanks for His bountiful blessings, to speak kindly to our fellow men, particularly to those who are in trouble and who need cheer and comfort. How easy it is to spread the tidings of salvation and the common, everyday cheer by means of our tongues. And how often we forget to do it.      

Instead we hear cursing, scolding, and slandering. On the streets,  in stores, in the homes, and too often in homes that claim to be Christian, evil tongues are on the loose, blaspheming God rousing evil passions, besmirching character, and causing heartache. What is worse, God's name is reviled, though the command is plain: "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD, Thy God in vain." Yet the gutter language goes on, and grownups teach it to the children, forgetting that God has said: 'Be not deceived: God is not mocked."      

Christian friends, You all have a right to expect that our language will be different from the world's because we are followers of Jesus Christ. It is inconsistent for us to have Christ living in us to use words of hate or profanity or cursing. That's James' point in today's text. Our words should always be sweet, not bitter, words that would never offend a child.  

Words are things of little cost,                                                                              Quickly spoken, quickly lost;                                                                                            We forget them, but they stand                                                                                  Witnesses at God's right hand.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY -Children of the King should use the language of the court.