"What shall I do, then, with Jesus, which is called Christ?" Matthew 27:19-28

    Pontius Pilate did not know what to do. He had placed Jesus and Barabbas, a criminal, before the multitude and asked them to chose one to be freed from imprisonment. Pilate had hoped that the people might choose Jesus, for he know Him to be innocent of the charges that were brought against Him. The multitude made the wrong choice, as multitudes in the heart of hatred and prejudice often do. And now Pilate, apparently greatly shocked, called out: What shall I do, then with Jesus, which is called Christ?" Pilate knew of course, what he should have done. He should have freed the innocent Prisoner and justice might have been served. But also Pilate made the wrong choice, to his eternal sorrow. He turned Jesus over to the soldiers to be crucified.

    We are all faced with the same question which troubled Pilate. Shall we just pass Him by as though He did not exist? Or shall we at least postpone the decision for today and like Felix, the Roman governor, wait for a convenient season, which may never come?

    Christian friends, What if we had been there? Whom would we have chosen? We would like to believe that we would have chosen Jesus. But would we? The voice of the crowd is so powerful. Just a few days before the crowd shouted, "Hosanna to the Son of David" Now the people were crying, "Crucify Him" The pressure of the multitude can confuse, frighten and carry us away. It is urgent that we decide today and that we decide right. May God's Holy Spirit at all times grant us a joyful acceptance of Jesus as our Savior, then all will be well.

The world will try to pressue us                                                                   to fit into its mold,                                                                                        But with God's help we can resist                                                                 if to His truth we hold.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - To resist the pressures of the world, rely on the power of the LORD.